Knit Stitch Yarns

I'm Melanie. I hail from the south side of Denver, Colorado and I love cats,
hockey, and all things fiber. I started my fiber addiction by learning to crochet at a young age. A while after that I learned how to knit, dye, and spin. It's hard for me to choose a favorite since they all offer something very different. I love crocheting stuffed animals, knitting lace shawls, dyeing yarn and fiber in bright colors, and spinning the fiber into
something amazing!

Kaleidoscope DyeWorks

Ali is the owner and one woman show that is Kaleidoscope DyeWorks. After years of dying fibres and fabrics for fun, and with the encouragement of friends and family, she opened her Etsy shop in February of 2015. Bringing only the finest quality of Canadian yarns and fibres to the world market is both the goal and the passion behind Kaleidoscope. Ensuring that each skein is dyed to exacting and professional standards often means 18 hour days, but it is truly a labour of love. When she's not dying yarn from her home on the prairies of Northern Alberta, Ali can be found spinning, knitting, crocheting, and spending time with family.

Three Fates Yarns


Name: Stephania Fregosi
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Boston, MA
Current home: Salem, OR

I grew up in a house full of vibrant and colorful art. One of my parents has
authored and illustrated 11 folk-art children's books, the other has designed the sets for countless theatrical productions. I grew up in a creative home where anything from the clothes we wore to stain glassed windows were homemade, hand-painted or hand-built. From an early age, I learned to knit, sew and make a wide variety of things, allowing me to transform the notion of "I don't know how" to "How could I do that?" from an early age. We never dyed yarn at my house, but there was no reason in my
mind that I couldn't try it and even sell a few skeins.

I enjoy dyeing semi-solid yarns that capture a full range of tones in one note. This makes your eyes dance and seemingly the colors are alive.

If you need a little more information: three fates yarns was named one day when I was dreaming of owning my own yarn shop, a fantasy that took hold whenever my life seemed to be headed towards small town USA for good. I thought it would be cool to name a shop after some kind of knitting
goddesses, but as it happened, knitting comes much after greek gods and
goddess. Instead, I was lead to the goddesses of destiny, those that spin, 
cut and weave the thread of life in Greek mythology. It seemed very apt, as I was highly uncertain of what kind of career I'd have, or even what place my I'd live in from year to year. I put that in my heart and years later, when I had the opportunity, I started dyeing yarn. I only knew that it would
be addictive, but it has proven to be rewarding beyond measure.

three fates yarns

Ravelry: moirae, 3FatesYarns (group)
Instagram, Twitter: @threefatesyarns
Web: www.threefatesyarn.etsy.com