Three Fates Yarns


Name: Stephania Fregosi
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Boston, MA
Current home: Salem, OR

I grew up in a house full of vibrant and colorful art. One of my parents has
authored and illustrated 11 folk-art children's books, the other has designed the sets for countless theatrical productions. I grew up in a creative home where anything from the clothes we wore to stain glassed windows were homemade, hand-painted or hand-built. From an early age, I learned to knit, sew and make a wide variety of things, allowing me to transform the notion of "I don't know how" to "How could I do that?" from an early age. We never dyed yarn at my house, but there was no reason in my
mind that I couldn't try it and even sell a few skeins.

I enjoy dyeing semi-solid yarns that capture a full range of tones in one note. This makes your eyes dance and seemingly the colors are alive.

If you need a little more information: three fates yarns was named one day when I was dreaming of owning my own yarn shop, a fantasy that took hold whenever my life seemed to be headed towards small town USA for good. I thought it would be cool to name a shop after some kind of knitting
goddesses, but as it happened, knitting comes much after greek gods and
goddess. Instead, I was lead to the goddesses of destiny, those that spin, 
cut and weave the thread of life in Greek mythology. It seemed very apt, as I was highly uncertain of what kind of career I'd have, or even what place my I'd live in from year to year. I put that in my heart and years later, when I had the opportunity, I started dyeing yarn. I only knew that it would
be addictive, but it has proven to be rewarding beyond measure.

three fates yarns

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Instagram, Twitter: @threefatesyarns