The Altered Stitch is a group of totally rad Fibre Artists who are dedicated to supporting the community and preserving this lost art. To us this is not just a hobby, it’s an expressive way of life!

Located in Valley Village, CA, our shop features a brightly lit interior that buzzes with friendly conversation and creative energy. Specializing in indie dyed yarns, we are known for offering a wide range of bright colors, speckled and variegated yarns, hand-dyed fiber, felting wool, as well as a plethora of classes and workshops in knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning and macramé. Offering customers a generous space to relax, knit, crochet, spin, weave, or simply hangout with friends and catch up, come by and enjoy all that our store has to offer! 

Founded in 2014 by Leah SK Davidson, we work hard to continue her legacy of supporting the independent fiber-based businesses and the creative, female entrepreneurs behind them, to help share the joy of fiber with the world.

Our patient, knowledgeable staff members are passionate about helping you select the best materials and providing you with ongoing support, so you have the products and services you need to successfully complete your projects. Whether you’re checking out our newest products or you just want to hang out a while and relax, everyone’s welcome at the “Altered” Stitch!

It’s not just a hobby!

Who We Are

Listed from left to right & top to bottom

james Davidson [Owner]

jasmin Buckalew [Store Manager]

Jasmin taught herself to knit in 2006, as a way to pass time as she waited for actors between costumes changes. What started out as a hobby had turned into a full on fibre and yarn addiction. When not knitting you can find her reading romance novels or in her kitchen brewing all kinds of lotions, teas and potions. 

Faves: Knitting, spinning, tarot, tea and Outlander.

Mary Casale [Fibre Specialist/Knitting & Crochet Instructor]

Mary, a New York native, was bitten by the creative bug when she was little. With dreams of becoming an actress she went to school for theater and it was there that she learned a love and appreciation for working with her hands. Whether it was stage building or sewing costumes, she found this whole other world of expressing oneself off stage. One day Mary picked up a crochet hook and some yarn and began to teach herself how to crochet and the rest is history! When she is not knitting a shawl or crocheting a granny square, she can be found at home watching a scary movie with her husband and cat.

Faves: Yarn, crocheting, knitting, horror movies, learning, cats.

Lili Nanus [Fibre Specialist/Spinning Instructor]

Lili is a self-taught knitter and fiber enthusiast who has been avidly working with all things fiber for 6 years. Initially a science buff, her love of yarn has slowly infused itself in all aspects of her life. Now, she utilizes her STEM background in converting patterns and in all the fun mathematical aspects of making clothes and accessories from scratch. Not only is Lili a passionate knitter, but she has also made her way into the crafts of crochet, spinning, and dyeing yarn. Lili is also a vegetarian animal lover and strives to marry her love of fiber with her love of the animals who provide it. In so doing, she is working to create her own yarn that is both ethical and beautiful. When not at work, Lili can be found rowing at the marina, working on various start-up projects, and knitting with her cats, Mischa and Oliver.

Faves: Fiber art, indie-dyed yarn, animals, travel, comedy, mental health awareness, and music.


Pebbles, a Chihuahua mix, loves pretty much everyone...all the time. Careful...she licks!  Occasionally she remembers that she has a tail and when that happens she can be found chasing it.

Faves: You & you & you...oh yeah and you!