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Eye on Indie Dyers: Toil & Trouble Meet + Greet

June 7th

Eye on Indie Dyers: 

Meet & Greet w/ Ana of Toil & Trouble

4-7 pm


Light refreshments + 10% discount on our Toil & Trouble yarn if you sign up for the Portuguese Knitting Workshop. 

Come and meet Ana of Toil & Trouble from Fibre Collective and Stitches West fame and shop her beautiful, bookishly inspired yarns! 


Portuguese Knitting Workshop

7-8:30 pm

Come meet one of our beloved Fibre Collective dyers, Ana of Toil & Trouble!

Learn how to knit Portuguese-style! We will cover how to do basic knitting stitches in the Portuguese style, as well as how to tension the yarn behind your neck and with the use of a knitting pin. Portuguese Knitting is efficient and easier on your joints, so it can help reduce strain and fatigue.

Sign up today!