Fox and Feather Yarn Co.

After spending years as a traditional artist, Monica Wilson decided to jump into a new medium of creativity, and her addiction to knitting began.  She soon became intrigued by the realization that every skein of yarn resembled a unique palette, and every garment turned into a wearable painting.  Armed with her lifelong passion for nature, Monica started dyeing her own yarn and soon realized she had a plethora of inspiration at her fingertips, which she could use to produce striking images in an imaginative way that captured her spirit.  She chose a name that would represent her inspiration perfectly while staying true to the craft of fiber arts, and so Fox and Feather Yarn Co was born. 

With a desire for creating yarns that creates an exceptional experience for customers, Fox and Feather Yarn Co aims to bring all the experiences of nature to you.  From Monica’s in home dye studio, to each hand twisted skein, to your front door, every step in the process is done with you in mind.  Without you, Fox and Feather Yarn Co would cease to exist.