Peepaloo Fields

Hi! I’m Shari and I make things.I am creative by nature and it’s clearly genetic because I come from a long line of crafty women and have one crafty 4 year old daughter who helps to dye the yarn that you see on my page. She loves to mix the colors and make rainbows, which is why most, if not all of my yarn is bright and cheery. I live in Colorado in the Mountains (well, in Littleton where I can SEE the mountains, but I count it anyways) with my husband and two monsters (a little girl and a little boy) and two Weiner dogs, Sarge and Tank.I started dyeing yarn earlier this year after seeing some amazing things and learning from an amazing local Colorado dyer - it was the best crafting class I had ever taken, except for my spinning class. I thought I made pretty things, so I tried selling them.And, well, here I am. I hope my yarn finds you well and brings you much happiness! Cheers!