Happy New Year To Ewe!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi there ALL!  I'm super excited that 2015 happens to be the Year of the Sheep!  I think it's fitting for a gal that's still in her first year of owning a yarn shop!  It's been a wild & crazy ride so far!  Crazy, fun, scary, awesome, challenging, joyful...and many more adjectives that describe everyday life as I know it now!

I could not have made it this far without Mary!  We plan, brainstorm, and try all sorts of things week in and week out to bring new and exciting things to all of you!  Especially right now as we finalize all of our fun-tastic Yarn Crawl plans!

James has been the ever supportive not so silent partner...haha!  He's taken on "The Stitch" in addition to his own busy career.  But best of all...he learned to knit to support me & the store.  We've both come to care about so many of you!  We see you week after week and appreciate all of your support!

My parents have been super supportive and involved!  They somehow figured out my mish mash of artistic, creative, and headstrong energy is a good fit for taking The Stitch Cafe and transforming it into The Altered Stitch! Plus my Mom finally gets to come with me to work! (She used to ask me if I wanted her to come to work with me as a joke whenever I used to have a hard day on the job...but secretly I sort of wished she could have...and now she CAN!)

See you soon!!!!