Leah SK Davidson


In loving memory of Leah SK Davidson...

    Our founder and dear friend, Leah SK Davidson’s dream was to cultivate an environment to support independent fiber artists and share their artistry with the community.  

Before owning a yarn shop, Leah worked as a Visual Effects Artist for film, television, and commercials.  Though her career was centered on digital art, Leah always came back to handmade arts as a way to ground herself, dabbling in mixed media art, glass work, painting, drawing, and of course knitting!  Longing for a change of pace, in 2014 she decided to buy Stitch CafΓ© and The Altered Stitch was born!  Drawing upon all of her artistic and professional experience, she worked hard to bring The Altered Stitch to life and create a warm, friendly environment to hangout and socialize with fellow fiber artists.

Unexpectedly passing away Saturday, October 29th, 2016, we strive to fully realize her vision for the Fiber Community, spreading her joy, love, and excitement regarding all things wool!

Her vision was far greater than a single event, a single idea, or for the benefit of just one, it was to benefit the independent dyer and to help struggling artists follow their dreams.